Does my mom have the right to keep me in homeschool without teaching me the things I should be taught, like in public school?What should I do? Who should I call? I need help

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most important movements in education right now is standards based instruction and assessment. The laws changed during the Bush administration that required proof of progress for each student to be assessed annually. There is probably a state achievement test that you are required to take at or near the end of each school year. Based on your scores on that test, you will either be considered to be progressing at an average, advanced or below average rate for your grade and age group. Talk to the testing site administrator where you test and find out where you stand with regard to your class/age mates.

There are pros and cons on both sides of the education settings. Many parents and educators feel that a cookie-cutter education is not the answer to today's problems, and that young people are being cheated regarding education in favor of socialization.  Many teachers feel that they are sacrificing creativity and thinking skills instruction to focus on the standards which will be tested on a bubble in multiple choice test. Young people who excell in the public school setting usually have extra-curricular activities that go along with school such as band, sports, or cheerleading.

So, based on your achievement test scores, and your "high stakes" test results which you will have to pass in order to get a regular high school diploma, you may have a valid argument.  If on the other hand, your test scores are adequate, and your parents have kept careful records of your time in class, grades on projects etc, you may simply not have an argument.

The best thing to do is have a rational discussion with your parents based on your views as to why you feel you are not getting the best education at homeschool. Avoid an argument as that simply won't encourage your parents to let you attend public school. Most parents who homeschool want their children to be safe from violence, sexual predators, and ideas that contradict their personal beliefs.

If you feel your education is less than what it should be, try a side-by-side comparison of some of your work with a similar age/grade friend who is attending public school. Have a mediator sit down with you and your parent to discuss each of your views both pro and con as to public/homeschool.

Create a plan of action since you are in 10th grade and soon will be out of the house and on your own either in the workplace or at college.  What are your future goals in life? How will you get the training you need to achieve your goals? Can your homeschool curriculum provide specialized training, or will you have to go someplace else for that? Is your parent an expert in what you want to pursue as an adult?  These are the hard questions that you must be ready to ask in front of an objective mediator who can adequately assess both your views and your parent's views. Ultimately, until you reach age 18, your parent has the final say.

The bottom line is that your parents most likely feel that your education in the homeschool setting is superior to what you will get in public school as one of the masses.   You have to show them what you need that they cannot provide you in the homeschool setting. And, you must justify why you need this extra instruction.

As a last resort, you might contact the child abuse agency in your state. However, if you do this, understand that you may create division between you and your mom that is irreconcilable and long lasting.

jessica20 | Student

No. Actually Not. Homeschooling is a kind of education similar to Public school, but you be thought in home. You should get knowledge about your academics through homeschooling classes.