Does Mr. Bones commit suicide?

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Yes, Mr. Bones commits suicide in Paul Auster's novel.

Although this is not directly stated in the novel, it is implied. When Mr. Bones' new owners, Dick and Polly, decide that they will go on vacation to Disneyworld, Mr. Bones is ecstatic until he realizes that they are not taking him with them. He laments the fact that he will be left behind; after all, his previous owner, Willy G. Christmas, had always taken Mr. Bones with him wherever he went.

It is not long after this disappointment that Mr. Bones experiences 'the first of several painful twinges in his abdomen.' Over the next two and a half weeks, the pain spreads to his haunches, his limbs, and to his throat. Although he does not exhibit any outward symptoms of any illness (like vomiting or diarrhea), Mr. Bones finds himself feeling less and less lively.

When he is finally dropped off at Dog Haven, he fails to recover any of his previous canine enthusiasm for new experiences, despite the fact that it is 'a four star rural retreat...designed to accommodate the needs and whims of the most indulged and demanding pets.' Mr. Bones finds himself oblivious to any of the pampering the staff subject him to; frighteningly, he eventually discovers that he can no longer eat or drink normally. In fact, his strength is weakening, and he finds himself either hallucinating or dreaming strange dreams about Willy.

Soon, Mr. Bones finds himself with a high fever; he vomits, and is distressed to find blood mixed in with half-digested meat fragments and yellowish matter. The...

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