Does the screenplay of the film adaptation of "The Most Dangerous Game" pertain to the actual theme of the short story?

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The 1932 film adaptation of "The Most Dangerous Game" is based loosely on the original short story. The film included the directors (Ernest B. Schoedsack and Merian C. Cooper) and stars (Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong) of the 1933 blockbuster King Kong; surprisingly, The Most Dangerous Game actually made greater profits than King Kong.

The basic plot is the same: Rainsford (Joel McCrea) is shipwrecked on Zaroff's (Leslie Banks) island, and the Russian eventually hunts the big game hunter. There are changes, naturally.

  • Rainsford's first name is Bob, not Sanger.
  • Two additional characters, brother and sister Martin (Armstrong) and Eve (Wray) Trowbridge are previous shipwreck survivors staying with Zaroff.
  • Two other sailors are introduced; they eventually disappear. Then Martin disappears.
  • A human head is mounted in Zaroff's trophy room.
  • Eve and Bob are both hunted by Zaroff.
  • Rainsford, trapped near a waterfall, is apparently shot by Zaroff, and Rainsford is presumed drowned. However, Rainsford returns and kills Zaroff and his assistants. As Eve and Rainsford sail away, the wounded but not dead Zaroff fires a shot at them, but misses.
  • Zaroff falls from the window and is eaten by his dogs.
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