Does Montresor resolve his conflict with Fortunato?

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One could answer the question of Montresor resolving his conflict with Fortunato (from Poe's Story "The Cask of Amontillado") in two very different ways.

First, one could look at the fact that Montresor is able to resolve his conflict with him by ridding himself of the physical problem (Fortunato's life). By ending his life, Montresor has rid himself of the physical reminder that Fortunato still walks alive and well.

Another way one could look at the conflict resolution is that the internal conflict will never be resolved. Sometimes ridding ones self of the physical problem does not rid one of the mental conflict.

What this means is just because Fortunato is dead does not mean that his insult against Montresor will disappear. In fact, one can carry a grudge against the dead as easily as one can carry a grudge against the living.

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