Does the monster blame Dr. Frankenstein for making him so ugly and terrifying?

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mvmaurno eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although the creature is horrified by its appearance and the resulting chaos and rejection that ensues because of it, he is probably more upset by the fact that his father figure abadoned him.  His creator, even if everyone else were to reject him, should love him unconditionally and help him to find a niche in the world. The fact that he can't even rely on this support, enrages him and causes him to seek revenge on society as a whole, and especially on his irresponsible creator.  Ugliness is subjective and may be overlooked if his "father" had given him the self-confidence he needs to make a place in the world and overcome this disability.

sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The monster is also angry with Frankenstein for being a bad father and deserting him, not taking care of him as a father should.  He tells Frankenstein that had he given him love and guidance, he would have been able to be good rather than evil.  Yet he also explains--and we do have empathy for him on this--that he does evil things because society fears him and therefore ostracizes him because he is so ugly, and for this Frankenstein again bears responsibility.  In class discussions, these facts often raise the issue of parental responsibility and the effects of personal appearance and of ostracism on an individual. 

renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, the monster is very vengeful for making him a grotesque creature. The monster kills Victor's brother, his best friend, and his new wife. Some in part, are to get revenge for destroying the mate Victor was creating for him. He is not completely evil, while he hurts innocent people in his quest for revenge on his maker, he does not randomly kill.

inluvwithim7 | Student

yea but he also blames him for not making a companion for him to be with instead of being by himself all the time as he realizes when he watches the family in the cottage and realizes also that he is mean for no reason and tries to change himself and be more considerate about what the family is going through and immediately goes to try to find his creator so that he can make him a companion.

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