does money brings happiness in lifedoes money brings happiness in life ?? i my point of view money can bring happiness in life as we have money so we can buy anything of our intrest which can...

does money brings happiness in life

does money brings happiness in life ?? i my point of view money can bring happiness in life as we have money so we can buy anything of our intrest which can provide some kind of happiness what say??

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Indubitably, money cannot buy an abstract such as happiness. However, it is most painfully true that one cannot be happy if destitute.  When there is not enough money for a person to eat and have the necessities of life, it is absolutely impossible to be content with life.  Just as money cannot buy health, but does, however, aid in the maintenance and support of good health, so, too, does having enough money to pay bills, have a good roof over one's head, etc. contribute to the potential for happiness.  With enough money to live a decent life, a person can focus upon the things that make for happiness such as fulfillment of one's potential, love and family, and good health. Beyond these essentials, money is merely superfluous.

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Money increases the ease of everyday living in relation to bills and obligations that are financial in nature. Does it bring happiness? Being able to buy anything you desire might make you happy for awhile, but is it the kind of happiness that can last? A deep meaningful relationship, learning something on your own or accomplishing something can't really be bought. Helping someone else can bring happiness--that can be done with acts and deeds or financially. Therefore, it is probably a combination. Being happy and poor might work for some people, and being happy but wealthy, might make someone happy because their life is easier. However, in my opinion, health is paramount!

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Money Can really make us happy. whos on earth doesnt want to have money? but the underlying question how long can money make you happy?  the argument was right that money can make you happy for a momet but not for a lifetime. there are things money cannot buy. 

But all of us want to get rich right? and in that manner we should take a really careful understanding. If desiring for money is too much, it may lead to greed and selfishness. This is not the real purpose of money in the first place. So after all we can say that money is a limited source of happiness. 

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Money is not everything but it is important for life. Money fulfill the requirements like food, shelter, clothes accessories for day to day life.

Money cannot buy happiness but it can bring happiness by accomplishing day to day needs.

If you have money you have the potential to accomplish or achieve anything.

Money gives you happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, luxury, peace, freedom.....................

Money is a media which helps you to achieve anything in your life except pride, love and character.

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Money is not everything, but it sure makes life less stressful. When people struggle to meet their basic needs, money becomes extremely important. That said, it can not guarantee happiness in life. That comes from within and from doing things that bring you happiness. Money can provide for expensive distractions such as luxury items and trips but it doesn't guarantee a happy life. Happiness is a personal thing based on relationships, goals reached, self-esteem, and other things unique to the individual.

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William Delaney | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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Money may or may not bring happiness in life, but the lack of money can certainly bring unhappiness and misery. Therefore, a person should find a way to earn an adequate income and live within his or her means. In order to do this, a person has to have something to offer, like a trade or a profession, and these have to be learned. Going into debt is like walking into quicksand. And there are millions and more millions of Americans stuck in that quicksand these days.

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I agree with the previous post.  I would add to it that my wife and I were happy enough when we had no money, but the most excited and relieved we've ever been was when she got the call offerring her the job she still holds now.  It meant that we would be financially secure enough to not have to worry about so many things.  So money cannot make you happy, but it can protect you from many worries that can really make you unhappy.

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I would tend to lean towards the idea that money can make life easier. It is not necessarily the money which brings happiness, but the satisfaction that people are able to pay the bills. That said, many people do wish for wealth, thinking that it will make life easier. Many stories have been told about those who have won lotteries and are poorer now than before. In this sense, money did not bring happiness.


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I wouldn't say money can buy you true happiness, but it can buy your way out of a lot of problems.  If money was truly the basis of happiness, then you wouldn't see celebrity suicides and wealthy people in the mess they are in from time to time.  Given the choice, I would rather be rich than poor, but I don't think money alone is the answer.

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Although things like professional success and loving relationships are much more important than financial rewards, money can certainly make life easier when it can all coexist together. Having to worry about financial problems is something most people are forced to deal with, and few people would live with them if there was an alternative.

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Post #5 makes an excellent point--our society definitely has created a link between materialism and happiness, with the problem being 'can you ever have enough stuff?'  Money as a way to happiness seems more like a band-aid solution or a temporary fix.  It will make you happy in the moment but not in the long run.

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For me I believe that money is able to buy temporary happiness , but of course these temporary happiness do not last long . For example , with money you're able to buy basically anything that you want , or whatever interests you , but of course everyone gets bored of stuff . Something that you were interested 10 years ago is probably still not as interesting to you now as it was 10 years ago . Actually, the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens actually talks about this topic . In the novel , there are two characters Estella and Miss Havisham whom are both extremely rich , but they are cold and distant towards men . In the book although they have extreme wealth , they live a depressing and gloomy life . You can also relate this topic to the world today , celebrities today have a huge amount of money , yet not all of them are happy . 

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This question is asked very frequently, and very popular. This answer is based on my opinion, and everyone has different opinions.

I think in some ways money can buy happiness yet it can't always. I'll start with how it can by happiness. It can buy happiness because in most cases you wouldn't buy something that isn't entertaining, or good for you. If it applies to entertainment or something that you love then it makes you happy! You usually won't buy something that makes you unhappy. The happiness won't really stay to long that's why we buy more things. Unless there are some exceptions like my MacBook Pro, which entertains me with video games a lot. My MacBook makes me happy everyday, from 2010 to now. While there are some other things that makes me happy but goes away in a while like some toys that I use to play with. I remember when I was little playing with Hot Wheels cars was amazingly fun for some reason. Then after a few months it somehow ended up in the trash because it was just sitting there. This applies to most of the things I have. I usually am very happy with everything I buy except when I get bored of it which is very easy. If you use something for a very long time and stick with it you'll get bored in 1-2 months.

Now here's the reason why money can't bring happiness. I got in depth in my other paragraph how you'll get bored of what you buy so I won't get into that in this paragraph. This is my opinion but I don't want to offend anyone that is very wealthy. In my opinion I usually see the people that are very rich be very bored. They have a ton of money to the point where I don't think they know how to spend it correctly. Money can't buy happiness because yes money can get you luxurious goods, and probably a very sweet home but money can't always buy you love. There is a very high chance most of your friends are acting like your friend just for the gifts, or the wealth you have. They're fake.

Short Answer:

Money can buy you happiness temporarily, or maybe a while. On the other hand If you're rich you would get bored for not having to work as hard to get that much money and spending it on the thing you've been wanting. You would get a lot of fake friends just for your wealth if you're very rich. So Yes money can buy happiness but there is some downsides.

Hope I helped :P

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It's those little things in life that counts and that makes you happy. Some people are millionaires and have huge mansions with helipads and all yet they are constantly trying to earn more money and neglect their loved ones. In the end, they don't feel happy at all.

For some people,  just being around with their loved ones make them happy. Many cancer survivors realise how short life is and try as much as possible to be with their loved ones instead of working very hard to earn money. This makes them happy. 

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In a way money can buy happiness, but not all ways. For example, paying for a fun activity to do and spend time with friends and family truley does buy happiness but, gambling with your money brings sorrow and other bad things.  So in my opinion it is just how you use it.


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