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Does modern technology restrict or enhance people's rights and freedoms? during the past decade, individuals, private businesses and government agencies have become increasingly dependent upon new technologies such as laptop computers, electronic tablets. cellular phones, high definition digital cameras, gps as well as the internet and social media such as facebook. as a result, expectations of privacy, ownership and communication have been altered.

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You can argue this either way.

On the one hand, technology gives us more freedom.  It allows us to gain access to practically any knowledge from anywhere.  This enhances our lives and makes us much less tied to any one physical place.

On the other hand, technology can be used to intrude on our privacy and our rights.  For example, GPS trackers can monitor our movements.  Our cell phones can easily be tapped or hacked into.  Our computers store details of our lives that can easily be searched by the police if we get arrested.  In the airports, the new body scanners reveal our bodies under our clothes.  In all of these ways, technology can be said to restrict our rights and freedoms.

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