Does Miss Brill come to a realization about her life and habits, or does she manage to suppress the truths that have been presented to her in "Miss Brill"?

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Miss Brill does come to a realization about her life and habits.

At the Jardin Publique, after she overhears the young man ridiculing her and the girl mocking her fur, her dream-world in which she creates romance at the outdoor concerts is crushed and her heart broken.

It is a lonely life that Miss Brill lives. She reads to an older gentleman where she feels herself an actress. "An actress--are ye?" he asks. "Yes, I have been an actress for a long time."

At the concerts, Miss Brill watches the elderly people sitting on benches as though they are statues; she finds them odd, as though they have come from dark rooms, or "even cupboards!" And, so, she turns to others at the park, acting as a spectator to the private dramas she witnesses among people while creating imaginative ones among the others who attend. But, when a young man and a girl sit near Miss Brill and when she imagines them as Romeo and Juliet, she designs a delightful vignette for their stay on the bench near her. However, the young couple looks at her and finds her ridiculous; further, the young man calls her

"...that stupid old thing at the end....--Who wants her?....Why doesn't she keep her silly old mug at home?"

Hearing this, Miss Brill is devastated. She does not stop at the baker's as she was wont to do. Instead, she returns to her "little dark room--her room like a cupboard"--now she sees herself as old and lonely. She sits dejectedly on the red eiderdown for a long while. Unclasping her fur necklet, Miss Brill replaces it in the box, and "she thought she heard someone crying." This is because she would never again attend the concerts or wear "the little rogue" fur piece around her neck after the youths have ridiculed it and her.

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