Does a minimum wage maintenance worker in a hospital really need to understand any goals beyond keeping the facility clean?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While it may not be absolutely vital for a low-level employee like this to know much about the overall goals of the hospital, it can be good to have that person aware of more than the need to clean.

First, it may be practically useful for this worker to have a broader knowledge.  If the worker understands that the hospital is trying to cut costs, for example, he or she may have ideas about how to do so.  If the worker understands that the hospital is trying to improve its customer service, the worker may notice something that he or she can do to enhance a customer’s experience. 

Second, having the maintenance worker know more about the firm can have benefits that may be longer-term or less tangible.  The employee may feel more motivated if they know more about the hospital as a whole.  This might translate into better job performance.  The employee might also feel more valued and be more likely to stay with the firm, reducing turnover.  It is even possible that the employee may be motivated to work their way up in the firm, which can benefit the hospital in the long run.

It may in some cases be unnecessary to have low-level workers be aware of goals outside their daily work.  However, it can have some benefits for the overall firm.