The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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Does Mercy have polio? No!

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We aren't told.
She could have. Polio existed at that time, but wasn't yet identified as such, so even if she had it, they wouldn't have identified it as such. (The book is set before the disease was well known as what it is.)

She also could have had other illnesses.

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ollieisjollie | Student

It dosnt really say in the book that she had polio but she could of so i personally think that she did but i have no prove nor does the book sorry if this didnt really answer your question.

Ollie =0

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dkim95 | Student

The book really didn't tell but it could be because sometimes if people have polio they get bad thing happen like Mercy's leg.In my class we talk about this but we think she had polio

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