Does it make sense that a trend or pattern in the data should include (0,0) as a point? Explain

Expert Answers
tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes it does.  If I'm measuring a change from equilibrium, starting at Equilibrium, I would start at Time=0, and variation from equilibrium=0.  If I were to measure the transpiring of something over time, I would start at (0,0) as 0 time has elapsed and 0% of the event has occurred.  Quantitative analysis could also start from (0,0) measuring the progress of a reaction, at time 0, we have 0 product. 

It all depends on what data you're analyzing, and what it's indications are.  For example, if measuring the mass of reactants pre and post reaction, it wouldn't make sense to include (0,0) as that would fly in the face of "Conservation of Mass," but in any of the examples I cited previously, it would be logical to include (0,0).