Do magnetic fields affect charges and how do charges affect magnetic fields?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Magnetic fields and electical energy were once thought to be separate energy forms, having no relationship to each other.  Several scientists have discovered that there are indeed relationships  between the two.  Michael Farraday discovered if he ran a current through an electric wire, then passed the wire over a compass, which is a magnet suspended on a needle, the compass reacted with the electric wire, as though the wire were exerting some type of magnetic field.  This is the principle that makes industrial electromagnets and generators work, this interaction between electricity and magnets.  It works as one might think, it is possible to influence the strength of the other by increasing the size of the field.  For example, you can make an electromagnet by winding electric wire around a nail.  To make a stronger electromagnet, surround the nail with more windings.  You will find this will cause the nail to exert a stronger magnetic field.

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