Does Macy’s have any policies or other formal ways that recognize a corporate culture and how to make it effective?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The culture within an organization is, obviously, driven by its leaders. Personal and previous experiences mould individuals and their perception of the way forward contributes to the overall corporate or organizational culture.

In order to reflect a set of desirable characteristics within any organization, a common goal, a shared relationship and a general consensus of the direction in which the company is headed are required to ensure that the corporate culture is effective.   

Macy's corporate culture reflects an integrated approach. As with all their strategies, corporate culture is interactive and defined by all its stakeholders: customers themselves and their shopping experience, communities and their upliftment and involvement, staff and their values and norms that best serve customers and the community, competitors and a reciprocal relationship and society as a whole with an emphasis on environmental impact and minimizing its effect.

To ensure an appreciation of these values,Macy's has them built into its mission. Employees are constantly being trained as the business adapts to ensure that the organizational culture does not become vague and unrecognizable. Macy's has a dynamic approach to its corporate culture.

It is quite obvious that Macy's prides itself on its public image and understands that it

 takes time and consistency to establish a positive organizational culture.

Macy's offers employees work options and flexible schedules which, Macy's has recognized, works not only for the employee but for the business, and the business is strengthened because of the culture of putting others first and recognizing that "life happens." Macy's has made it part of its recruitment program as, by formalizing the process, it obviates (mostly) the possible manipulation of an otherwise contentious area.  New recruits understand the need to compete their probation before they can participate in any work options.

Macy's has an annual survey, conducted amongst employees, to cement employee loyalty. Again its part of their corporate culture to show their appreciation for staff and ensure their commitment.

Macy's image as a team player is very important to the executives and, their ongoing commitment is proven in the fact that they have policies in place and business ethics to ensure that there is no confusion. Its corporate culture respects the rights of all customers so they have a policy governing behavior regarding gender issues. Macy's has a philosophy of diversity and inclusion which is supported by such policies.

Macy's knows its policies protect itself but they also protect the customer and the employee which supports the effectiveness of a strong, customer-focused corporate culture.  


Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, Macy's does have a formal statement of its corporate, or organizational, culture. You and any prospective employees or investors can find this statement on Macy's website on the MacysJobs/About Us page. The individual elements of their policy statements are itemized in the left-hand navigation menu.

Corporate culture, also called organizational culture, comprises the corporations collective behaviors that work together to form the "social and psychological environment" particular to that corporation or organization, in this case, Macy's.

Individual elements that work together to comprise corporate culture are, according to BusinessDictionary, expectations, experience, values, philosophy that form the beliefs, attitudes, customs and rules (written and unwritten rules) that are held to be valid and that present themselves as underlying principles of operation to the larger world outside the corporate environment.

The four categories where corporate culture intersects with actions and perceptions are:

  1. How internal and external communities are treated, including employees and customers and the surrounding community.
  2. How employees and top management share or delegate or restrict decision making, expression and development of ideas and freedom of personal expression.
  3. How power and information flow through the corporation through the hierarchical power structure, whether in a two-way flow or in a one-way flow or in some other pattern.
  4. How deeply employees are committed to the collective corporate goals, aims and objectives. (

Macy's addresses each of the elements in its public statement on MacysJobs/About Us. The elements enumerated include:

Opportunities to Give Back

Partners in Time

Build on Our Foundation for Giving

Marketing with a Cause

Embrace Our Differences

Sustainability (

One way Macy's makes their corporate culture policy effective is to publicize it, making their behaviors and social and psychological values transparent; to make sure prospective employees are immediately familiar with it; to hire according to the stated policies; and to behave in accord with the stated policies.