Does Macbeth have free will in his actions? Why or why not?

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Macbeth is a victim of his own desire. So, yes, he has free will.
The question (free-will or determination) hinges on our assessment of how much power the fates have to control Macbeth's future, and also how much power Macbeth has to make his own decisions.

I would argue that the witches' control is limited. Think of what the witches do. They predict the future. This could be taken to mean that all of the events in Macbeth's life are preordained, and that his actions, too, have already been decided upon. However, even Macbeth considers that he has a choice when he says "if chance will have me King/Why chance may crown me/ Without my stir." He knows that if his destiny is determined, he does not have to take any action at all for it to come true. The fact that he does act after thinking this shows that he has freely decided on the action.

He is in control. The witches...

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