does "love the way you lie" by rihanna and eminem have figurative language...and where does this song represnt power

missus-k | Student

The song has multiple examples of metaphors and similes.  Remember that similes are comparisons of two unlike things using words such as like, as, resembles, similar to, etc.  An example would be a tornado is like a giant spinning weedeater.  There are two examples of similes here:  a) It's like I'm huffing paint; and b) Sounds like broken records playing over.  A metaphor makes a comparison by saying A is B.  An example would be Life is a flowerI'm Superman and She's Lois Lane are both metaphors.  There are other forms of metaphors; most likely, your teacher will not expect you to know the specific terms, and you can use the basic label of metaphor.  Examples of these are lines like There's a steel knife in my windpipe, which compares that choked feeling in your throat to being stabbed in the throat, and when a tornado meets a volcano, which refers to the destructive power of each personality.  When you see a description that cannot be true literally (a fact as written), you probably have figurative language (the speaker is not literally Superman, he just feels that powerful with her).

There are many words and phrases that refer to the destructive power of uncontrolled tempers.  Look for the violence.  Looking at the song as a whole, I also see that both the man and the woman are trying to control the other.  There are more clues to the man's attempt to dominate through violence, but she is also violent and she also lies, which is her way of controlling him.