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Does loud music affect the way students are able to learn their lessons?

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justaguide eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The affect of music on learning has been widely researched and there is a lot of variation in performance based on the type of music and the setting where it is used.

There can be no two answers on the question whether loud music hampers study. Loud music only distracts students and diverts their attention from their work. But other research is less conclusive.

In the case of educational programs on television, music has been found to be able to maintain the concentration and attention of listeners and therefore is useful. A preliminary study of the affect of music on students while they are doing homework shows that light music of the students' choice improves performance, though TV shows have been found to be very distracting. In a classroom setting also light music was found to improve performance.

Though inconclusive, the research done till now does suggest a correlation between better performance while light music is being played in the background.

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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There is a general consensus in the scientific community that "loud volume slows down our ability to memorize and do other brain functions by constricting the flow of blood to the brain" (see reference link). Generally speaking, loud music is not conducive to learning. However, it's important to keep in mind that the term "loud" is ambiguous because it refers to our perception of sound, and that perception varies from person to person. Some studies seem to suggest that soft music may enhance thinking and learning ability, but the results remain inconclusive.

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riot174 | Student

It depends on the student of course. A lot of students have trouble concentrating and it would be a distraction. For me music helps me learn. That's how i do homework or study for a test...i listen to music while i work :)

melissa1106 | Student

Loud music can be very distracting if you are trying to study. Personally I can usually only study if it is quiet around me or if the music is soft. Loud music makes you focus on what is being played and not on what you are trying to study.

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udonbutterfly | Student

For some people they need music in order to study, My teacher once told me about a student of his that usually complained that they needed music in order to score well on the test. My teacher caved in and let the student listen to music (of course he check the playlist before) while during a test and the student scored a 95% on the test. I think it all depends on the student. I personally prefer peace and quiet.

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Wiggin42 | Student

Some people are auditory learners and so they learn better with music. But I think there is a fine line. Loud music with obtrusive lyrics is more likely to be a disturbance than anything else. I know in my personal experience, I prefer soft instrumentals or no music at all when studying. 

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zumba96 | Student

If there is loud music I cannot focus and it makes it harder for me to learn or retain info. I would suggest studying in a calm and focused environment. 

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charlierocks14 | Student

Most people believe that loud music detracts from the brain's ability to focus on a task such as reading or doing other homework.  In my case, loud music is distracting.  Instrumental music or quiet vocal music can actually be helpful because a small distraction can help you to put more attention toward the task at hand.  Depending on what you are doing and your particular study habits, you may or may not be able to focus adequately on your studies.

almostfaymous | Student

I enjoy listening to music when I'm doing everything. Homework, tests, cleaning, writing, tanning, jogging, swimming...everything. I'd like to be able to listen to music when working on homework or an essay. Having the music turned down so that no one can hear it is obvious, but I don't see why we shouldn't be able to.