Does Lockwood’s impression of Heathcliff change by the time he leaves Wuthering Heights?

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Lockwood's first impressions of Heathcliff are mistaken, which means that Lockwood's understanding of Heathcliff does in fact change as Lockwood gets to know Heathcliff. This process is not necessarily a reflection of a meaningful transformation in Lockwood's character; rather, Lockwood simply learns more about Heathcliff as time passes.

At first, Lockwood believes that he and Heathcliff share personality characteristics and interests, and so he behaves familiarly towards Heathcliff as a result. Soon, Lockwood discovers that Heathcliff is actually a dark-hearted person, the opposite of the affable country gentleman Lockwood first believed him to be.

By the time Lockwood leaves Wuthering Heights, he has learned the unfortunate and painful truth about most everyone linked with the place. Heathcliff, though violent and cruel at times, does inspire compassion in Lockwood, who eventually feels sorry for Heathcliff's unhappiness and inevitable death.

Lockwood at first assumes that Heathcliff,...

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