Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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Does life slow down for Nick or does his life as a celebrity continue in Frindle?

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The answer to this question does depend on when in the story it is referring to. If the question is asking about the overall story arc and whether or not Nick's life of fame eventually slows down, then the answer has to be yes, his life eventually slows down and goes back to normal. Nick's overall celebrity probably peaks around chapters 12 and 13.

At the start of chapter 12, Nick's fame is a local fame, but it quickly escalates after Nick's story appears on the CBS evening news. Additionally, Bud Lawrence has started a business that is marketing the word "frindle" on all kinds of items. By chapter 13, Bud's business is booming, millions of people have heard about Nick and his frindle word, and he has even appeared on shows like The Late Show and Good Morning, America.

Eventually, the local interest in Nick begins to wane, and people turn their attention elsewhere. Chapter 14 then shows a much more subdued and cautious Nick. He has learned that his big ideas can have great power, and he is much more cautious about his actions and his hypothetical dreams and plans. The story ends with Nick being a normal college junior. He finds out that he has more money than he knows what to do with, but he doesn't let that fact change how he goes about his day to day life.

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