Does the life and death concept have anything to do with the symbolic significance of bullfighting in The Sun Also Rises?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The bullfighter is portrayed as a hero because he is willing to risk death in order to live life to the fullest.  As Cohn is told, "Nobody ever lives their lives all the way except bullfighters."  This is in contrast to the philosophy ascribed to by the majority of characters in the book, members of the "Lost Generation."  Their lives are empty because, unlike the bullfighter who is unafraid to experience life to the fullest, the measure of their life's worth is money and how it is used.  The concept of heroism in life and death is looked upon as unattainable by the normal person, and so they are destined to live and die in aimlessness and mediocrity.

rere89 | Student

If you turn the bull and survive ,you are a man .the bull itself is simpling of manhood .He stimulates that you should pass this test before you talk about manhood.bullfighters are lacking manhood .According to them those who survived the first world war is for their luck not for their braveness .The lucky are the ones who survive not just for their bravery ,They have unwillingly died,they haven't died because of their braveness.

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