In "The Kugelmass Episode," does Daphne suspect her husband of having an affair? Why doesn't he divorce her?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daphne does ask Kugelmass where he goes all the time and whether he has a "chippie stashed somewhere." However, I don't think she really suspects him of having an affair. He describes them as moping around the house "like two pieces of old furniture." They're so used to each other that she believes all the stories he tells her. Besides, he says at the beginning of the story that she's an oaf.

He won't divorce her because he knows she'll "take him to the cleaners." He can't afford another divorce, since he's paying alimony and child support to his first wife.

aniesa | Student

I think that his wife suspected that he has an affair because he becoms to act odd lately and retrun home late, but she refuses to do sth about the fact that her husband might have a "chippie" so she continues on her world  because it seems to be much easier to live the life of banality and lack of qouestioning than have problem because he has an affair . 

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