Does the Kelvin scale of temperature have negative numbers?

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The Kelvin scale of measuring temperature does not use any negative numbers.

Lord Kelvin, in 1848, wanted to come up with a scale for measuring temperature that had a logical "beginning" that was a finite point.  He chose "absolute zero," the temperature at which all thermals stop, representing the lowest temperature in the universe.  As this was the bottom line, he marked it as zero.

All temperatures are technically measured in Kelvins, but Kelvins are the same magnitude as what's used on the Celsius scale so most people just use that.  On Kelvin's scale, zero is set at what would be -273.15 Centigrade, or -459.67 fahrenheit.


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On the Kelvin scale the coldest temperature possible, -273 oC, has a value of 0 Kelvin (0 K) and is called the absolute zero.
Because there are no lower temperatures than 0 K, the Kelvin scale does not have negative numbers.

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