Does Jubal marry Itchakomi in Louis L'Amour's book "Jubal Sackett"?i just want to know if he did or not.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jubal Sackett did indeed marry Itchakomi, although their marriage was not accomplished in a ceremony as it might have been had they been in England.  He says,

"What remained was that I was here, in this far place, and I had married Itchakomi.  An Indian marriage, but in its form not unlike the common law marriages that were legal in England, or had been".

A common law marriage is recognized under some jurisdiction when a couple declares their intent to be married and have lived together for a given amount of time.  A marriage of this type is accomplished without license or ceremony.  Jubal attributed the lack of fanfare with which his marriage to Itchakomi came into being to his own ignorance of "weddings, customs, all that sort of thing".  He lamented that he did not pay attention to matters along those lines more carefully when he had the chance.

Ceremony or no, however, it is clear that Jubal and Itchakomi loved each other deeply, and took their commitment to each other very seriously.  Itchakomi declares with pride to the Natchee Indians, "I walk with this man, who is Jubal Sackett", and Jubal himself speaks often of Itchakomi as his "wife" and his "bride" (Chapter 39).


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