The History of Standard Oil

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Does Ida Tarbell directly reference any resources in the document?

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The History of the Standard Oil Company by Ida M. Tarbell has been credited with exposing the dangers of trusts through investigative journalism and was published in 1904.

This document contains sixty-four appendices citing legal documents from the States of Ohio, official documentation of the formation and incorporation of the Standard Oil Company, history of the South Improvement Company, THE Pittsburg Plan, THE Petroleum Producers’ Agency in Pennsylvania, Report of the Special Committee on Railroads, New York Assembly, 1879. Volume III, pages 3393-3395, several testimonials to legislative bodies regarding the development of various oil companies, contract revisions for standard oil, requests for funding increases, and several reports from the Report of Industrial Commission published in 1900.

The reader can access all endnotes and footnotes, along with charts and illustrations, at the end of the book or online.

Tarbell references her appendices in the body of each chapter, and each appendix contains the original source material from testimonials, reports, founding documents, and original state legislation.

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