Does how we are brought up by our parents play a role in how we think and behave?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way in which we are brought up by our parents absolutely has a role in determining how we think and how we behave.  It does not, by any means, completely determine our thinking or our behavior.  However, it does have an impact.  Much of our socialization is done by our parents.

For example, let us imagine that we are brought up in a very religious household.  This will surely affect our behavior and our thinking.  We might remain very religious, adhering to the beliefs that our parents taught us and behaving in the way that our religion tells us to behave.  Alternatively, we might rebel against the strict teachings that our parents espoused and we might become a little bit “wild.”  Either way, our upbringing has affected us.

As another example, let us imagine that we grow up in a family in which our father is very stern and emotionally distant.  This will affect how we are socialized as well.  We may well grow up thinking that that is how men are supposed to behave.  However, we might also rebel against it.  When we are older, we might be much more involved with our children because we did not like the way in which we were raised.  Again, both of these show the impact of how our parents raised us.

Because we spend so much time with our parents early in life, the way they raise us cannot help but affect the ways in which we think and behave even though it does not completely determine those things.