Does history repeat itself?  Provide specific examples.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

History does repeat itself at times.  However, it does not repeat exactly, and it is not always easy to tell if it is repeating itself.

Perhaps the clearest example of history repeating itself is the American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These can be seen as rather clear repeats of the war in Vietnam.  In Vietnam, the US tried to prop up a regime that had very little support from its people.  It was also trying to pursue “nation-building.”  It tried to do these things through military means.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US did much the same thing.  The Karzai regime in Afghanistan, for example, is on very shaky ground and could fall if the US withdraws support.  In all of these cases, we were unable to win “hearts and minds” through military means.

However, it is sometimes very hard to determine if history is repeating.  In some ways, it is possible to say that the early 2000s were like the 1920s.  It is possible to argue that the US economy was in a boom that was built on income inequality in both cases.  If history is truly repeating, then we might expect another depression.  But it is hard to determine if there really is a parallel to be drawn here because there are so many aspects to history and of course not all of them will repeat.  It can be very hard to know if the aspects of history that are repeating are the important ones.

Thus, it does seem that history repeats, but it does not always do so and it is not always obvious when it is repeating.