City of Joy Questions and Answers
by Dominique Lapierre

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Does Hasari Pal's daughter get married in the book, what page do they talk about it. Do they talk about the Dowry that Hasari Pal had to pay? Thank you.

Hasari’s daughter’s wedding and the way he paid the dowry are both discussed in Part Three, “Calcutta My Love.” Hasari sells his body to science in order to pay the five thousand rupees.

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Discussion of the dowry that Hasari Pal had to pay takes place in Part Three of the book, entitled “Calcutta My Love.” The narrator discusses how Hasari had to get a dowry of five thousand rupees together. The narrator reminds the reader that this is just like Hasari Pal’s father had to do for his sisters. The discussion of the dowry his father paid takes place in the first ten pages...

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