Does Hamlet's behaviour with his mother in her bedroom can be said to raise the point of Oedipus Conplex?He is very nuch angry with her. He uses scornful words.

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After visiting the ghost Hamlet comes to know that his mother has married the killer of his father which makes him almost mad iin behaviour. Before this he was melancholic but not act like a mad. Despite the ghost forbids him to be cruel to his mother he cannot but becomes furious to his mother. Rosencrants and Guildenstern tell him that the Queen wants to meet him. Then Hamlet thinks over the matter. He plans to hit his mother severly, not physically but phychologically. In the 2nd and the third soliloquies we find his scornful mind towards his mother. And enering into the room of her mother he is higly furious with her. He tries to make her ashaned of her marriage with Claudius. Getrude is seen very mich afraid of her son in visual adaptations. hamlet seems to harass his mother which is matched with his plan.The 5th soliloquy helps more to point out the critique of Oedipus Complex.For advancement of the modern technology visual adaptations of plays play agreat role in the interpretations. So critics are encouraged to analyse Hamlet fron Freud's Oedipus Complex.

From Oedipus Complex's perspective it is claimed that as the male children have sexual attraction towards their mother Hamlet could have a desire for his mother. Thats why he was furious with Claudius for possesing his mother. And Hamlets bahaviour with his mother in her closet that is her bedroom heps critics to interpret the play in this way.

rienzi | Student

There is no bedroom. There is no bedroom scene and there is is no Oedipus complex.

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