Does Globalization affect culture and literature?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It does indeed. Just take a look at the new stories coming out about situations in the East and Middle East such as Kite Runner, The Namesake, and Reading Lolita in Tehran. Add to that the movies in theatres which deal with situations of the same kind. Bollywood, the Indian Hollywood is one of the biggest movie markets in the world (by far better than many Hollywood movies), and Independent Movie Makers are finally moving away from making movies in English, and they let all cultural aspects of their ethnic backgrounds take full action in their movies.

People are now more aware of similarities among cultures, instead of differences. This is because, though the Internet, and literature, we encounter so much information about the lifestyles of other cultures that our best choice is not to focus on whats different, but try to connect with what is alike.

It is a beautiful thing what Globalization can do, and it certainly can help us move forward towards the future.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course globalization affects culture.  As people become exposed to things from other countries, their culture inevitably changes.  Let me give you two examples from my own experience:

  1. I enjoy watching Japanese TV dramas as a way of helping me learn the language.  (My being able to do this is globalization in its own right...)  In the show, the Japanese actors use all kinds of English words even though there are Japanese words for similar concepts.
  2. Going the other way around, many of my students are interested in the English Premier League (football/soccer).  This would never have been possible in my generation.  It shows that globalization can even affect a more "dominant" culture like that of the US.
coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Globalisation definitely affects culture and literature. The trouble is  that poor people, such as the peasants of China, need money for the technology to access all the literature by different authors in different languages across the internet. People can even read novels, poetry, short stories, songs, and plays online now. if they want to read one from another country- well, all they have to do is press google translate. This isn't always word-perfect however. A person in India can read Dostoyevski or Chekhov in his own language and vice-versa - a Russian student can look up Indian authors on the internet. Another huge progression is online studying. This is opening new doors and opportunities for students globally.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The impact of globalization on culture and literature is quite significant.  As ideas and beliefs are spread to more parts of the world through information technology and wider access, what has been traditionally defined as "culture" and "literature" begins to undergo change as newer understandings are integrated into traditional conceptions of the good.  This creates a new vision of what culture envelops and how literature is reflected.  With globalization, it is nearly impossible to stop the spread of ideas, for its very nature brings to light the inter-connectivity of all individuals.  Due to this, the changing conceptions of literature and culture is almost inevitable in my mind.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Globalization primarily refers to the widening scope of economic activities across national boundaries. By definition it does not refer to globalization of either culture in general or literature in particular. However, globalization of economic activities has also promoted increasing interaction among national cultures and literature.

Culture is a very wide term which refers to the general way of living and behaving by people of a society. The economic activities is a part of the cultural behavior, and to the extent there are development of common economic behavior across national boundaries, there is automatic globalization of culture. For example, people across countries engaged in globalized business are likely to use many common business and management practices.

Global culture is also developing because of marketing and use of the same kind of products across the globe. These common goods tend to promote common culture also. Literature can also be considered to be one of the product that is marketed now on a global scale. Now many books, movies, and TV programs are marketed across national borders with or without translation.

The interaction among people in the course of global business creates awareness and interest in cultural aspects of other countries, promoting additional interchange of culture and literature. Global marketing of information products also promotes similar cultural interest and understanding across national border.

Thus globalization of business and economic activities has also promoted globalization of culture and literature in a big way.

subrataray | Student

Hitherto in human civilization , globalization is the highest boon .I makes the world a home , where the family members represent the culture and the literature of the different nations .One can see the other face to face , and can know the activities .The miracle of globalization is internet , and by this one finds entry to the other's literature and culture .He can generate   a comprehensive knowledge from study and visual images , live-shows , chat ,etc .

The best I feel is the prospect of one culture , one religion , and one literature .The "one" is the garland and each nation is the flower with its color and form.

figlover | Student

Of course it does.

So called cutural imperialism by the american culture.

It is an uncomfortable truth and yet it is prevalent.

However, i think literature somewhat maintains its unique characteristics despite the dominance of one culture.

It is because the literature is spreaded via one country's own language, while the culture is spreaded by variosu means of media.

I mean, when the literature is made in to a movie which is kind of a culture, even though the specific novel is from, let's say, Korea, the film may have americanistic traits to suit the tastes of the americans.

Because literature is written by distinct languages differing among nations, it is able to maintain its uniqueness somewhat.


But culture!

It is no denying that globalization is affecting it.

Look at GI Joe. Who is saving the effiel tower??

How come americans are the ones protecting the symbol of paris?

We should appreciate that the english is not the only language in the world.

klmccoy1985 | Student

Very much so..... look at all the possibilities, ie. pohnpeis answer to your question.. so many things are possible now due to Globalization.