Does global warming affect our natural resources and us?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While global warming affect us? Absolutely. It will change the climate, producing irregular weather. It will contribute to the spread of disease, raise the price of many crops, and so on.

Now, will it affect natural resources? That depends a bit on how you are defining them. Many species will go extinct, and some areas of land will go underwater. That will make these natural resources disappear. As far as things like coal, oil, gold, etc., those won't be affected directly, but they may become more costly to access.

clisty | Student

Yes it does!!!!

  1. Warmer oceans will mean stronger hurricanes and tornadoes. Damage to countries and cities.
  2. Polar icecaps melting bring four problems:


    1. Sea levels will rise from land-based ice melting (sea ice is already in the water so it won't raise the sea level if it melts). There are over five and a half million cubic miles of ice, glaciers and frozen snow. If this all melted at once, sea levels would rise by 230 feet, swamping many countries. Luckily nobody thinks this will happen all at once.
    2. All that ice is fresh water, so if it melts it will desalinate the oceans. This may change the patterns of the ocean currents that will seriously affect the climate.
    3. Warmer temperatures in the polar regions will cause serious problems to animal life, which may not be able to adapt to the new conditions.
    4. At present the ice caps form an enormous white surface which reflects a lot of heat back away from the land. If the ice goes, then the dark land below will absorb heat
    5. Droughts and heat waves will be common and water will become in very short supply. There may be wars fought over water, as large rivers flow through several countries.
    6. more easily, speeding up the global warming process.