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There is no available material which suggests that author Gary Paulsen currently does or does not have pets, but we do know he used to have many dogs. Paulsen wrote a book about the experiences and relationships he shared with his dogs Cookie, Snowball, Ike, Dirk, Rex, Caesar, Fred, Pig, Quincy, and Josh. Paulsen also owned sled dogs and wrote about them, but he didn't feel the same depth of relationship with his sled dogs as he did with those described in My Life in Dog YearsSeveral of the dogs lived to be quite old, and at the time the book was published, the dog called Josh was around 18 to 20 years old. Since the book's publishing in 1997, Josh has most certainly died and it is possible Paulsen has acquired a new dog or several dogs. One could assume he still really likes dogs, but as I mentioned before, there's no current mention of Paulsen having pets.

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