Does the film Shattered Glass explore any conflicting perpsectives?It is evident that the film shows the theme of truth and deception, but does it show more than one perspective?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes. The movie begins with Glass speaking to a group of high school students presumably interested in journalism. He is supposedly telling them how to be a good journalist, and telling them his story. That is the first perspective we get, from Glass himself.

However, the movie shifts back and forth from Glass's perspective to that of the audience itself. We see his boss, his coworkers, his friends, etc giving their own opinions of what he is doing, and this prompts us to make conclusions. Hence, ultimately, it is our perspective, the people in Glass's office, and Glass himself are the three perspectives we see.

In the end, we see that Glass was alone in that same classroom where he was presumably speaking to students. Was it all in his imagination as well as his stories? Was he actually there? Were they there before? Were they all in his imagination, like the rest of his stories? Was he there for a presentation that nobody attended? The perspective of Glass is clearly different from that of the audience, and in the end he explains his story from his point of view to us. That is where his perspective comes in, as well as ours.