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Does The Last Temptation of Christ directed by Martin Scorsese provide evidence of good historical and biblical research?

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I think that the honest answer is that the Scorsese's film does not provide evidence of good historical and biblical research.  Yet, I would pivot and suggest that this is not really the primary focus of the film.  As the film opens, the film quotes a passage from Kazantzakis' text that expresses the interest in "the dual substance of Christ."  After this quote, the film proclaims that it is "not based upon the Gospels but upon this fictional exploration of the eternal spiritual conflict."  The film is open in how it does not seek to be a piece of historical or biblical research.  It simply strives to delve into the idea of Christ as a person and a figure of religious importance.  

This is not to say that the film lacks statements about biblical notions of the good and historical construction.  Yet, it is merely to suggest that it does not strive to be seen as truth in either realm.  The film's primary purpose is to examine a characterization that exists apart from historical fact and religious doctrine.  In doing so, the film is compelling in the invocation of a dialogue about spiritual dimensions.

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