Hercules was a hero to the Greeks. Does every society have a main hero that they hold up for special adulation?This weblink is given by my teacher,...

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The article makes it quite clear that the Greeks told the story of Hercules out of adulation.  His superhuman abilities, skills, and feats are worthy of storytelling.  They are what older generations pass on to younger ones and what youth uses as a reference point to establish their own greatness.  In my mind, I would say that different societies use different heroes as their own reference points.  They are used as points of adulation.  Certainly, the modern heroes might not bear the amount of divine connection that Hercules possessed.  Perhaps, the praise and adulation that Hercules generated is something that we can see athletes of today engender.  In the end, heroes like Hercules are used as the basis for storytelling, for inspiration of wonder and amazement, and allow individuals to see their own lives as ones that could transform reality into what can be, just as their heroes did.