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by William Shakespeare

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Does eNotes offer a text finder that will search for quotations and give me the act and scene in which the quotation appears as well as who said it?

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Not per se, meaning, it does not offer a special function labeled as such. However, for the works available in PDF format, there are ways you can do this.

Download the work in PDF.

Open the file on your computer.

Then use the "find" function in Adobe.

Type in a few words, and you'll be taken systematically to every time those words appear in the text. Then you'll have to scroll around a bit to find out exactly where you are in the work—what chapter, or in the case of a Shakespeare play, what act and scene.

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myuen | Student

If you go into the etext section of the play (to a specific act and scene), you can just use press Ctrl + f to search/find a word on the page.