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Does enotes citing tool follow APA style?

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This question has been asked before but I'm not sure if a conclusive answer was given.

It looks to me like eNotes gives the MLA citiation.  APA citiation includes dates toward the beginning of the citation and page numbers, as well as full URL's for websites.  This is just an observation.  Also, most English/Literature classes require MLA citation and eNotes is primarily a literature website.  MLA would just make more sense.

It leads me to wonder though, if you are needing to cite eNotes, APA style, you are probably referencing something on here as a source for a paper.  If you found it in the reference section - get all the information (title, author, publisher, date, place of publication, etc.) and put it into www.bibme.org using APA style.  Or, get all the information you need to go find the ORIGINAL source that eNotes has republished on the web.

Aside from the reference section, I would advise you not to use eNotes "question and answer" as a research paper SOURCE.   Don't get me wrong, I think you are getting GREAT answers on here, but just like you can't go to your history teacher and ask him a question and then cite his answer in a "personal interview" as a reliable source, you shouldn't use enotes answerers as primary sources.  We're just a bunch of teachers answering questions.  We haven't published anything (or, well, if we have, you should find it, and use THAT.)


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