Does electric flux depends upon the shape or size of surface in which charge is enclosed?

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Definitely the answer is no.

The electrical flow is a scalar quantity, defined as the number of electric field lines that cross at right angles, a surface.

Gauss's law of electricity, which is included within the fundamental laws of electromagnetism, states that the electric flux through a closed surface with electric charge inside, just depends on the net charge enclosed in the surface and does not depend  the shape or size of the surface.

The expression of Gauss's law of electricity is:

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`{\Phi}_E=\oint_{S} \vec E\cdot d\vec A = \frac{Q_S}{\epsilon_0}`

Note that Ɛ0 is the electric constant of vacuum and therefore the flow depends only on the charge enclosed by the surface.

The electrical flow in units of the International System (SI) is expressed as: volts per meter (V m), or, equivalently, Newton per meter squared per coulomb (Nm2/C)

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