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by Julia Alvarez

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In The Time of the Butterflies, does the dictator die before or after the sisters die? Was it because of them that he died... and why and how did they die???

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The Mirabal sisters died on November 26, 1960, while the dictator was still alive.  Patria was thirty-six, Minerva thirty-four, and Maria Teresa twenty-four.  They were returning from visiting their husbands in prison, when they were accosted by assassins commissioned by Trujillo.  The three women, along with their driver Rufino de la Cruz, were taken into the sugar cane fields and beaten to death. 

It is believed that Trujillo masterminded the murder of the Mirabal sisters because they were popular leaders of the rebel element in the country and were a definite threat to his regime.  Also, he was known to be extremely egotistical, and had been snubbed years earlier by Minerva at a party.  The assassinations backfired - the Mirabal sisters were much loved by the Dominican people, and their murders served to strengthen the cause of the revolution. 

On May 30, 1961, Rafael Trujillo was himself assassinated by members of the revolutionary ranks, shot in his car as he was being driven along a deserted highway.  His death did not end dictatorial rule in the Dominican Republic, however.  He was replaced in his office by his son Ramfis Trujillo and a powerful military, and his assassins and their families and friends were systematically rounded up, tortured, and killed.

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trex2010 | Student

heres a quick answer, opposed to all the other ones:

The dictator, Trujillo, dies AFTER the mirabal sisters... 

rachy23 | Student

The dictator died after the the sisters died. Part of his death is due to that the people of the Dominican Republic were tired of the dictatorship and thought that the only way to regain freedom again was to kill Trujillo. The other half was also because the people of the Dominican Republic loved and admired the sisters bravery, they were very angry and upset that they were killed as it said that Trujillo was the one who sent the sisters to get killed. They die beaten to death and this is happended because tehy were part of the underground movement that wanted to kill Trujillo 

nuna | Student

the sisters die last and they where beaten to death after coming home from seeing there husbands in jail...and the dictator was shot 61 times and so was his workers and now everyone from his family is band from D.R. or will be killed.