Does diaz want the reader to be critical of latino culture, or does he simply want them to be aware of what is there?

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The short story "Fiesta, 1980" by Junot Diaz definitely shows from a very personal and subjective perspective,the attitudes, customs, traditions, and mannerisms of the Hispanic American society from the Dominican Republic set in urban New Jersey and the Bronx.

It is debatable to say that Diaz put this information forward in order to instill criticism. Diaz is knowledgeable enough about the culture to provide details for the sake of getting the reader to appreciate the similarities and differences of Hispanics and non-Hispanics.

Also, the audience for which this story is intended is the immigrant and non-immigrant population alike: Diaz educates as well as entertains. The story clearly wants to show how are the lives of everyday expats who conduct their everyday business, but only in a different setting.

In all, if Diaz had wanted criticism the plot would have touched more on the subject of infidelity, on abuse, and on other topics. Instead, the story always continued to focus on Yunior and his coming of age in the world.

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