does depression make your body act differently?I know it's mostly psychological, but i still want something to go on.

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I would say it does make your body act differently in many different ways.  Depression can affect our eating habits, with some people having no appetite, and some people eating more.  Some people sleep a great deal more, and some people sleep a great deal less.  Posture is also affected by depression, since we tend to slump when we are sitting and our walking posture is usually not as upright.  In fact, our language shows this, because we talk about people feeling "down."  I have also noticed that people who are depressed seem to have more aches and pains than people who are not.  Some studies have shown that people who suffer from depression have a higher incidence of physical illness, and there are also studies that have shown that people who suffer from depression are more likely to smoke and use illegal drugs and alcohol.  The brain chemistry of a person who is depressed is different, and this cannot help but affect the body in many ways.

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s ofcourse v won feel to talk to anyone, feel lik being alone, ll b sleepless wen v r depressed too much but its v who wants to keep ourselves happy to keep our body healthy

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