The Stone Diaries Questions and Answers
by Carol Shields

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Does Daisy's character develop throughout The Stone Diaries?

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Throughout the book, Daisy goes through a lot of painful moments which, essentially, shape her life and existence. Fortunately, she manages to learn something meaningful from her experiences, and she comes to the realization that nothing and no one in life is perfect; sometimes, in order to make sense of our existence and define our identity, we must be creative and imaginative and try to transform our life into an adventurous story.

She understood that if she was going to hold on to her life at all, she would have to rescue it by a primary act of imagination, supplementing, modifying, summing up the necessary connections . . . getting the details wrong occasionally.

Daisy understood this from an early age, but unfortunately, she never truly acted upon it. I believe that she was afraid that someone would actually read her life story; she was, basically, afraid of herself. Daisy never truly explored her identity, and she allowed all of the pain and sadness she experienced to deeply affect her and her lifestyle. I think she did this because she was afraid to try and understand her mind and soul, as she believed that if she looked deep enough, she would discover that she was actually irrelevant and insignificant. This, essentially, tells us that Daisy's character is quite consistent and doesn't really develop in the literal sense of the word. She does, however, come to several important revelations about life and its meaning.

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