revolution | Student

It seems in the play that Cleopatra is a scheming and manipulative courtesan who had blatantly used Anthony for her own purpose and desire, the queen that Anthony nearly risked his reputation to help her. She has been nicknamed "whore", "slave", "wrangling queen" and many more by others and also an "enchantress" which had made Anthony the "noble ruin of her magic". She is trying to use power and tricks to get close to him and dominate over the Roman general that is not compatible to true love

After all, I don't think Cleopatra loves him, but is using him for her personal wants and needs


aarti | Student

Until the last act, it seems that Cleopatra was a shrewd woman manipulating Antony. She willingly destroyed Antony’s married life as well as made him negligent against his responsibilities as a General. In the battlefield, she ran away with her fleet leaving Antony alone. All this shows that she was a selfish woman and never loved Antony but in the last act when she killed herself after hearing about Antony’s death, it seems that she loved him too. This shows her love for Antony that she never shown before.

kloubani | Student

I think Cleopatra really loves Antony and she is not manipulating his mind to stay at her side in the battle.moreover, she is trying by using the woman power and tricks to bring him as much close to her as she can.nevertheless she would never confess this.And Shakespeare is deliberately using these tricks to show everybody what really woman can do.

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