Does chocolate milk have the same nutrients as white milk? Explain.

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Believe it or not, chocolate milk has a higher nutritional content than plain white milk. Chocolate milk is a mixed drink that includes regular milk--whole, skim or low-fat--with added cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Because of the additional cocoa or chocolate,

... scientific studies have clarified that chocolate milk is superior to white milk for nutritional value.

When compared to plain milk, chocolate milk has been found to

  • have lower totals in fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates;
  • have greater totals in vitamins, calcium and flavinoids;
  • cut inflammation and reduce the possibility of atherosclerosis;
  • serve as a rehydration drink;
  • cut body fat and improve life expectancy.

Perhaps the single negative factor of chocolate milk is its high sugar content--often double to that found in plain milk--which has been linked to childhood obesity.


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