Does China have any trade barriers?

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China does impose trade barriers, including tariffs, quotas, and other measures designed to restrict free trade. To get a sense of how China has trade barriers, let’s look specifically at the film industry. For years, Hollywood film producers have tried to get China to open its market for free trade regarding movies. As an expanding middle class enjoys the entertainment benefits of seeing movies in theaters, China has become the second biggest market in the world for movies after the US, with total box office grosses above $8.5 billion.

However, China imposes a quota system on US films and permits only thirty-four imported movies entry into its market annually. Moreover, even after Chinese regulators approve a US film for distribution, there is often little advance time given to the studio for marketing.

Marketing is a key part of any film release because it allows studios to let people know what the film is about and try to build awareness and interest. One example is of Deadpool 2 ,...

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