Does a child with communication and learning disabilities have problems with both socialization and academic skills?  

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Learning difficulties or disabilities do not infer a lack of intelligence or skills in a child. The problem stems mainly from communication and the way information is channelled to and from the brain. The modern world demands conformity as large groups of children can be taught simultaneously within curricula. Unfortunately, in order to impart the most amount of knowledge in the least available time, this system also requires information to be delivered in a fairly standard format. This is where the problems often begin as children with special needs require a different set of rules to ensure success.

Finding a profile that suits any particular child can also be particularly challenging as it is not acceptable to put all children with learning disabilities together due to the broad spectrum of possible challenges and their different needs.

The difficulties with socialization usually stem from the stigma attached to children with learning disorders. Teachers often "label" these children as disruptive, non communicative, uncooperative and so on which affects the child and those around him who may either ostracize him, mock him or reduce his confidence sufficiently to cause him to withdraw or worse still, actually become difficult and disruptive due to his frustrations.  

Sometimes these children sense that they are different and are then inclined to avoid social situations to avoid embarrassment. This confounds the problem and causes misunderstandings which again lead to the child being labelled. He may come across as a difficult child and then be punished for unacceptable behavior. This will undoubtedly cause its own set of problems and academics suffer further as, any academic skills that the child may possess are not sufficiently encouraged and endorsed leading to a belief that he does not even possess these skills.  

It is apparent that children with communication and learning disabilities do experience problems with both socialization and academic skills but not because they do not possess the necessary skills but because they are often not in the best environment for them to thrive.