Does the character have opportunities in this setting that he would not have in other times or places.

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lfawley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montressor definitely has opportunities in this setting that he would not have anywhere else. From the start, he is able to lure Fortunado down into the cellar because he has promised the wine connoisseur a taste from his newly aquired cask of amontillado, a rare and presumably special wine. Without this lure, there is little to draw Fortunado down the path to his death. Montressor can also use this same lure to bring him ever deeper underground because Fortunado knows te wine must be kept safe and cool, so he never suspects a thing. Being able to get his prey deep underground where no one can hear him scream is crucial to the success of Montressor's plan, as is the ability to wall Fortunado up alive - easy to do in a cellar, but not so easy a feat to accomplish in, say, a public park. We learn that the crime is fifty years in the past, yet it has never been discovered. Again, it is the setting that allows this to be the case. Unlike the narrator of Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" there is very little possibility that strangers or authorities will come to this place,they have not come so far, and so the revenge is complete.

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