Does being God-Centered involve being Human-Centered?

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The distinction between God-centered beliefs and Human-centered beliefs is one of faith in a supreme being or faith in the self.

Those who believe in God tend to believe that there is a goal or plan in place, and that their actions are simply part of this larger plan; they work, eat, marry, etc. all in the service of God's plan. This means that everything is centered on relation to God ; an act is moral or immoral depending on how it will affect one's relationship with God and so...

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luiji | Student

No. Not really.

Or rather, yes. It depends on how you take 'human-centred'. It is impossible to be God-centred and self-centred at the same time.

But, God does command us to love our enemies. In Matthew He gives us the summary of the law: "Love Me with your whole heart, soul and mind. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like it: love your neighbour as yourself."

In the 10 commandments, the first four refer to our service to God, and the last 6 to our service to our neighbour.

We are to respect God's love for us by passing it on to others.

So by loving our neighbour, we are being human-centred (if you want to twist those words). Otherwise, we cannot love God and ourself.

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