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In A Doll's House,does the author portray the characters of Helmer, Dr. Rank and Krogstad, fairly?

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A Doll's House reveals that life can be harsh and even living in a seemingly happy family can be a betrayal of one's own sense of identity.

Torvald Helmer is a fairly typical man of his era and so his character is to be expected and is a fair reflection of the times. He apparently dotes on his wife - his authoritative and demeaning treatment is his interpretation of "love" and ensures that "his little spendthrift" is comfortable - or so he thinks - and his family is representative of what it should be. This is very important to Torvald - the need to be his family's head, protecting his wife from having to make decisions that she's just not equipped to do. His character is similar to many men who are oblivious to the sacrifices of their wives - either then or now! Even Nora is confident of her husband and it is only when he fails to...

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