Does Aristotle's Poetics still have relevance in contemporary theatre?Is it still considered as a useful peice of text in theatre?

zubiiii | Student

Aristotl's poetics, no doudt, is still considered as a classical piece of work in contemporary times, setting the fundamentals for many works of even the modern writers. Tragedies written on the pattern given by aristoltle was considered greatest in the claassical times. Same is true for the works based on his philosophies even now. The people and writers who criticize aristotl's thought are actually miserably incompetent to meet his sperior module of witing.

Apart from the fact that now many new modules have replaced aristotle's module, it is still honoured as a classical treaty and contemporary writers who follow his particular model of tragedy are not thought to be old or worn out writers. They are respected in literary canon as the followers of the father of criricism.

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