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by Stephenie Meyer

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Does anyone possibly know when Midnight Sun the book comes out? The book is the story of twilight but Edward is telling the story instead of Bella!

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I read your question and was a little curious myself. I have yet to read the Twilight books but had heard that there was a book in the works told from Edward's perspective. Upon a google of the title, I came upon a list of links and one of them stood out. This link is to I believe the author's own official website in which she posts her latest thoughts and offers commentary on what gossip is true or not close to being true. Sadly, it would seem that Midnight Sun is no longer an active candidate for publication due to a few rotten apples that decided to leak copies of the manuscript on-line. The copies leaked offer a text in the "work in progress" stage. Despite, a demand for this work to be completed, the author states on the site that her present mind-frame is such that she does not feel it would do the original story set out in Twilight, justice to complete. However, she has made the leaked transcript available to those that care to read the partial draft.

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zumba96 | Student

I know that Midnight Sun is Edward's point of view but I think she will not be releasing it since it was kinda leaked on the internet and I have heard she has stopped writing it for now. 

trinaav | Student

Stephenie Meyer said she will wait a few years to complete Midnight Sun once everyone has nearly forgotten about it. She will start over eventually, just not now. She wants to finish the Twilight Saga movies and promoting before she starts on Midnight Sun again.

vbchic | Student

awwww that sux!!!!  i was really looking forward to it!!!!