Does anyone know where to find the text of the short story "The Shelter" by Rod Serling?  (Epidsode 63, Season 3 on Twilight Zone.)

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I could not find a copy of the short story online, but there is a copy of the script at the link below.  You can also get a copy of "Rod Sterling Short Stories" at Amazon that does have "The Shelter" in it.  This was a good episode.  This is the one where, ""The Shelter" plotline involves a doctor who has built a Cold War fall out shelter much to the amusement of his neighbors and friends. Those same neighbors and friends become frantic, and turn on the doctor and his family who have locked themselves in their bunker when an atomic alarm sounds. In the end, it's a false alarm. The shamed neighbors/friends try to make amends, but the doctor realizes that the shelter was a selfish idea in the first place, and a magnet for trouble, given the conditions that prompted his one time friends to threaten violence towards him and his family. Rod Sterling, the host, ends the story with these words: “For civilization to survive, the human race must remain civilized."
."   You may also get in touch with the Wisconsin Historical Society who has the rights to Sterlings papers.  Hope this helps.